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From the FM studio of: Chris Kellogg (top morning show host)

Dear friend,                                                                                               

What if I told you that you don't need to go to a broadcasting school to get a job in radio, and that some advice is TOTAL CRAP, and that I could show you a Real Opportunity to become a radio DJ working at an FM or AM music radio station... would you be interested?  Would you like to know why posting your resume on is one of the best sites we've found for getting a gig?

I hope you're sick of all the people who are offering courses on becoming a radio personality on the web. I really am. Why? Because if you're looking for the real deal when it comes to learning the radio DJ basics, then this personal letter may be the MOST important message you will ever read on the Internet. Trust me. 

I've dedicated my life for the last 15 years to the radio industry.  I've worked in the radio industry full time as a morning show host, evening host, production director, program director and more!  Now, I've made it my personal goal to provide you with the best radio DJ training with 100% effective tips that are guaranteed to improve your chances of starting a real career in radio.

Please spare me a few minutes to share you a little story of my pathetic life long ago. You have my word that it is the honest truth and your worries about your future career goals could be a thing of the past. 

When I was growing up, I was always a shy kid.  I didn't talk much in school, but I always thought I had a lot to say.  Those that did know me said that I was funny, and that I had a great personality.  Most of all, they said I had a great voice!  And that's when I first thought of becoming a radio DJ.  This was my chance to SHINE and my chance to be popular.

I decided to contact my favorite radio station, which was in Hartford, CT at the time.   I called one of the DJs up while he was on the air and asked for a tour.  A day later I was there, soaking up what it was like to be a DJ. 

Just like you, I wanted more than ever to become a radio personality.  I asked lots of questions and would try to talk to those in the radio biz, but most of the time, they were too busy to talk with me.  I bet that happens to you too.

Luckily for me, right after college, I met a guy who gave me my first break in radio.  He was a college friend of mine who was nice enough to give me my first chance.  It was like a dream come true!

Who would have guessed that I could make a full time career out of talking and playing music? I'm telling you, there is no way you can have this kind of fun with your current boss lurking over you!

Don't waste your time with others!

You know it and I know it; 99% of the "Learn to be a DJ" programs on the web are useless. Over a period of 10 years, I've examined them all.  I didn't find any that really got "inside the head" of a radio personality.

Whether you're looking at a part time job on the weekends OR earning a full time income to support your family, I have the answer for you. You can play music, be popular, gain access to the most popular concerts and events, and have fun while you start your new job in radio.

What if I told you that I could show you the same methods that radio DJs use when they're on the air?  What if I were to share with you my vast knowledge about what it's like to be a radio personality? Would you take the opportunity? Of course, you would.

Sounds too good to be true? Maybe. 

Maybe not. 

Ask Me A Question!

Let me explain...

Jobs in radio have skyrocketed over the past few years. With the introduction of Satellite Radio, like XM and Sirius, along with more and more internet radio stations going online up every day. 

What does this mean for you? More chances to become a radio DJ.  And once you learn how to do it, you can have fun, this year.  And next year. And a year after. That's IF you follow my methods.

Radio Companies Hire People like YOU! All You Need To Get Started Is Heart And The Basics. That's It!

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  • Knowing what to talk about, and what will make your boss proud!

  • I'll provide you with insider information about who really chooses the music.

  • How you can really relate to your audience so that you're their favorite.

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You'll receive an inside look at the real life of a radio personality.  Is it all what you think it is?  Do you think you'll have what it takes to be on air?  I think you do.  If you've read this much, I know you want it bad.  And I know my audio lesson can help you get what you want!

If you still need help, contact me, I'm always ready to answer any of your questions. 

I'll even show you which broadcasting companies are looking for radio personalities. With such a support system, you simply can't fail! 

Once you learn about the radio business and want to land your first job.  We recommend  They charge a few bucks to post your profile, but it's well worth the exposure that you'll get.

Download my Audio Lesson (Instant Download)

Just $14.95 (Normally $29.95)

Click here to order!