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Creative Service Director - Asheville

Posted date: Mar 30, 2010

We’re looking for a Creative Services Director to join our sales team; that’s a fancy name for ‘person that writes and produces incredibly well-done campaigns that sell!’ We’re looking for someone who wants to do really cool work again – stuff you’re proud of.

What makes you 'write' for the job?

1) You must be a GREAT writer – and like to write. You study writing and you read a lot (you know who you are). This is NOT a production director job. MUST have a minimum of ONE-YEAR of professional copywriting experience.

2) You must have heard of Roy Williams (The Wizard of Ads) and Trout & Ries (Positioning).

3) You have strong production voice skills and are comfortable in the production studio. Minimum one-year of professional audio production experience required.

4) You must be able to adapt to the world of business and capitalism (if even for a few hours a day) to be able to go on sales calls with the sales team and to do team needs analysis, then make the final call to present your campaign with the salesperson. The Creative Services Director reports to the General Sales Manager.

$30,000 salary, plus bonus pay for your work that sells. We’ll give you access to a ton of training and help you grow! Most of all, you’ll be happy doing a really gratifying job- helping your team and customers grow.

We’re part of Saga Communications and have 5 great radio stations nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC (consistently rated as one of the best places to live in most places rated listings). Stations: WOXL-FM, WTMT-FM, WISE/WYSE-AM, WOXL-HD2/98.1-FM.

Email your resume, scripts you’re proud of (that sold) and an MP3 demo of your best produced commercials (no files larger than 3meg) to

Maybe this isn’t for you, but someone you know – email us their name and email address and when we hire them, we’ll send you$100 to say thanks for your referral. The Saga Communications of North Carolina is an Equal Opportunity Employer, women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

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