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Mark Deska - Board Ops
 Last Updated:  April 22, 2010

 Location:  Houston, TX

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My name is Mark Deska, and I am a recent college graduate looking for my first full-time job in the radio industry. I interned at a small sports talk station in Houston for 2 summers and after graduating from Texas Tech University with a bachelor's degree in Electronic Media, I have since worked the past 6 months for COX Radio stations in Houston. There, I have worked part-time as a board operator, doing mostly overnight and weekend shifts, and realized that this was the industry in which I want to spend the rest of my life. In my spare time, I have created a small radio show out of my house that broadcasts online occasionally, whenever my schedule will permit me to. I am a very energetic person, who doesn't mind working mornings and can make people laugh at any time of the day! I love to have fun in life, but when it is time to work I know what comes first. I work well under pressure, and can multi-task, which has helped me in my time as a board operator. I am well-versed in using Audio Vault, Maestro, VOX Pro, and other sound editing software such as Sony Vegas, Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, and Sound Forge. I am a very quick learner, very adaptable to new surroundings, and am willing to take any type of full-time job with a radio station to showcase my talents. I would be willing to start immediately and can move anywhere I'm needed. If you give me just a chance, I promise I will not let you down!

Primary Language: English (some Spanish)

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications, Texas Tech University

Special Skills: Good with computers, works well under pressure, good at multi-tasking



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