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Greg Costigan/ aka Shamus - Midday Host
 Last Updated:  March 31, 2010

 Location:  Brookline

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I currently work for a sports station in boston, in the promotions department and production department. I do a little bit of everything around the station. Im looking for someone to give me my first on air gig. I am willing to travel and also willing to work any shift. I have worked for a rock station as well as the sports station. I am willing to work in any format to get my start. I am a very out going person and will keep the listeners on your dial. I am very confidant I have what it takes to succeed on air. I have done numerous voice overs for commercials which have played on every shift. Given the chance I will show that I can be a great asset for your station, and a choice that you will not regret

Primary Language: English

Education: Broadcasting

Special Skills: Adobe audition, Call Screener, Board work

Demo won't load email for a copy: 

What else you should know:

I have also taken video production classes and can edit on final cut pro



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