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William Brunck - Production Manager
 Last Updated:  March 23, 2010

 Location:  Paducah, KY

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I started out at the Ohio Center of Broadcasting in Cincinnati Ohio. From there I interned with KISS 107 FM in their promotions department and then the Gary Burbank Show, mainly with their production guy learning the tricks of the trade. I also screened and took part in the show. Currently Im the Afternoon Drive talent for 105.5 The Cat, Hot AC with a rhythmic feel, in Paducah Kentucky for Withers Broadcasting. I am also the Production Coordinator for a cluster of 3 stations, I hand out production to the other talents as well as write, voice and produce a fair share, when it comes to production the sales staff know I am the go to guy; I also handle any dub spots that come in. I also schedule Selector music logs for the Hot AC and Active Rock stations and, to quote a joke from The Office, I'm the Assistant To the Program Director. The Program Director and I bounce ideas for promotions, imaging and any other programming matters. Im hard working, passionate and dependable. I eat, sleep and breathe radio; all I need is a chance to succeed. I'm ready to step up to the next level and deliver.

Primary Language: English

Top 40 Air Demo: 



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