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vikas kendre - Morning Host
 Last Updated:  March 19, 2010

 Location:  Pune India

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Sometimes I'm confused by what I think is really obvious. But what I think is really obvious obviously isn't obvious... oh may be thats y m confused or is it the other way round????? Oh m so confused.. & this is when pick up books like FIVE PTS SOMEONE, one night at the call center,3 mistakes of my life(oh m a big chetan bhagat fan), entire HARRY POTTER series,(n when m in a mythological mood)the prince of ayodha,army of hanuman,the king of ayodha(all three written by ashok k banker.i think this was the best interpretation of ramayana anyone ever did.) oh wait a secondthats not all (dont worry m not a book worm) I like to chill out with my friends on weekends n hog on to home made foodm a complete bollywood buff.n the best song that describes me is me aisa kyun hu????from the movie lakshya..... Wanna know more about me (& get confused) just tune your nut to Nut around the world everyday from 11am-1pmonly on radio nut-tune your nut with me 

Primary Language: english,hindi,marathi

Education: diploma


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