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Steve Johnson - Talk Show Host
 Last Updated:  February 24, 2010

 Location:  Phoenix, AZ

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The primary reason I am applying for voice talent work is so that I can fully utilize my experience, expertise, and talents. Between my experience in broadcasting and my formal education and knowledge base in social matters I believe I have the necessary qualifications to produce outstanding voice work which would make any radio station stand out with distinction as a top quality radio station. I strive for accuracy, balance, and precision in all aspects or broadcasting. My first position in broadcasting was in a small market where I was the News and Program Director in charge of all aspects of running the station. The emphasis was on local news where I was responsible for contacting various local officials and writing and reporting the daily local news show. In later years of my broadcast career I was involved in reporting news at several radio stations under the direction of News Directors. I also worked as a DJ in several radio markets and have worked multiple formats. Some of them wanted only the basics while others were looking for a little more personality. I can conform to any format desired. I am also a complete and reliable professional in whatever work I do. I have also done my fair share of producing commercials, spec spots, and station promotions. Please listen to the air-check. Please consider interviewing me for this position. I can also submit more air-check material demonstrating my eclectic abilities if so requested. Letters of recommendation are available upon request from my current employers.

Primary Language: English

Education: BA,MAT,MPA

Special Skills: Character voices

Exxon Oil Commercial (Parody): 


Talk Show: 



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