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Robert - Voiceover Talent
 Last Updated:  February 19, 2010

 Location:  San Marcos, Tx

Email Robert
well, im a 19 year old male with a medium low voice. I am comfortable with alot cartoon and humorous voices and i can do a wide range of sounds from a grumpy old lady who smoke waaay too many cigarettes to sounding like "stich" from the Disney movie lilo and stich. I can also do a few accents as well. i have pretty good Australian, Russian and Slavic accents ready to use at a moments notice and they all sound pretty authentic. on a more serious side of things, i can also put out a high energy "lets get things done" tone that really seems to inspire people when the moment calls for it, as well as a caring/serious tone that can get people to listen to the things that matter. im pretty good at reading and can tell when words need emphasis too. so if you are interested, give me a call or shoot me an E-mail! i know im the right guy for the job. hope to hear from you soon!

Primary Language: English

Education: im in mensa, does that tell you enough?

Special Skills: Great social guy, easy to work with, great voice abilities


Surfer guy: 

Foreign guy: 

Presentation demo: 

What else you should know:

well im guessing when it asks for my experience in means with clients, and to tell you the truth, that is a zero. ive just started to look for a career in voice acting. but if you want to know my life experience, i have quite a few years under my belt. on many occasions i like to use a different voice to entertain my friends and family, most of the time its useful to get people to stop calling my number! i can do many accents and ages with my voice and most seem pretty authentic! some times when im bored ill call someone and pull a crank call and run people for a trip (i know its bad, but its still fun.) it gives me a real kick to have people wonder why a Russian guy is calling their house looking for a three legged dog, or even an older lady who has lost her wheel of cheese and is looking for her son. i know i might be a "rookie" but i promise, my skill is magnetic to those who listen. i also like to read to kids who hang out at my moms house, and i have also been a narrator for several plays such as the nutcracker and Mcbeth. there is no limit to what i can achieve; you give me a character or a type of voice you want, ill make it ten times better than you would have thought it to be.



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