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Pat Mellon - Talk Show Host
 Last Updated:  February 19, 2010

 Location:  Los Angeles CA

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I have done morning, afternoon, evening, and overnight shows at 7 stations in 3 time zones, I've paced the stage at Improv Comedy Clubs on both coasts, and I've been published in The Los Angeles Times. I know Prophet, Scott Studios, Audio Vault, and 360, I can run my own board, and I know how to make phones ring and water coolers bubble. I've hosted an award-winning cable TV call-in show, a man-on-the-street program, and I shot a pilot for a stabd-up comedy game show that I created. I'm funny and warm on the air but I have been known to have an unpopular opinion or two.

Primary Language: english

Education: Brevard College, AA degree

Special Skills: stand-up comedy, audio and video editing, guitar and song-writing, spot writing.


Mellon VO demo: 

Baker and Mellon demo: 

Mellon solo demo: 

  You Tube Video (if avail)

  You Tube Video #2 (if avail)



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