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Gary Trautman (Grrr) - Looking for 1st Job
 Last Updated:  February 19, 2010

 Location:  Tacoma, WA

Email Gary Trautman (Grrr)
I feel like I'm on an internet dating site and filling in the "about me" sextion (yes, I misspelled that wrong purposely, damn Adult Friend Finder). I love the sound of my own voice. That being said, as a club manager, that was always my first requirement for a GOOD DJ. Do I have the greatest voice in the world? Um, YES, no wait, maybe not the greatest, but I am looking to usurp the guy who does all the movie trailers, or maybe Howard Stern, Lou Reed, Paul Rodgers... I could list great voices forever. This is my passion; I'm short, balding, and as pretty as a troglodyte first thing in the morning-my voice is my best attribute. The clip I have given is actually a demo for a specific show here in Seattle, please excuse the poor production quality, it was made in my cave with a Commodore 64 and a jerry-rigged microphone...

Primary Language: English

Education: Central Washington University/National Broadcasting School

Special Skills: I can stuff 15 full-size marshmallows in my mouth and say "chubby bunnies" without getting any on anyone

Website: I wish I had one, but I haven't had the time or money...


What else you should know:

I am a certified jackass. In most industries this would be a bad thing, but here, it's just entertaining. I have worked on-air, in clubs, run events, and was actually promoted to a management position for the last 7 years! I have to say, dealing with 30 bitching, want-to-be beauty queens gets tedious after awhile



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