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Don Sweet - Voiceover Talent
 Last Updated:  July 09, 2009

 Location:  Bucks County, PA

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Born in Ohio and raised in New Jersey, Don's experiences have been broad. Self-employed since 1979, he's focused mostly on graphic design and photography, but also has long-term professional experience in film and video. Much of what he's done has included writing, some saying it's a reasonable effort, others paying for his talent in this area from technical subjects to advertising copy. Having written and published a book on Native American spirituality and philosophy in the 90's, voiceover work emerged through the recording of that book as a Book-on-CD. Other requests grew out of it and he's now in the process of adding this capability to his offerings.

Primary Language: English

Education: Some College - Communications

Special Skills: Several


A Daze of Apathy - Book Chapter: 

A Better Tomorrow: 



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