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J. Nicole Rainey - Looking for 1st Job
 Last Updated:  March 06, 2009

 Location:  Cleveland, Ohio

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I have held several positions where the sound of my voice was very important. I have held positions in call centers that include Ameritech (now known as AT&T), MBNA credit cards, and Ohio Savings Bank (now known as Amtrust Bank). I currently am employed with Isquick Annuities, Inc. as the Office Administrator where my position entails speaking to clients VIA telephone the majority of the time concerning their annuity accounts. The clients that we have are elderly, so I must speak very clear and concise to make sure that I am understood. I am currently working on a project contacting current clients to inquire if they are in need of any additional services or to ask if they have questions about their existing accounts. Once I have successfully completed this task, the president of the company wants me to do more outbound calling to gain more business in the other areas that we specialize in, which include life and health coverage. I have always been told that I have a pleasant speaking voice and I have decided to see what I can do to gain more experience in utilizing my new found talent. As far as my experience in the area of voiceover, I do not have any formal training however I was chosen to record Planned Parenthood of Greater Clevelands telephone messages in 2006 as well as accompany the Centers educator to do a spot on WZAK 93.1 with Kim Johnson. I am hoping to expand in the area of voiceover experience by obtaining experience.

Primary Language: Englis

Education: Currently attending Cuyahoga Community College



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