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Mel Gahler - Morning Host
 Last Updated:  February 19, 2009

 Location:  East London South Africa

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To give you some background, Ive been in this wonderful industry for 15 years now, have gained valuable experience in all aspects of the radio industry both commercial and PBS( Public Broadcasting services) here in South Africa, some experience obtained in positions which I have held other experience gained from my inquisitive nature and my eagerness to learn. In this time I have presented in every time channel to a wide variety of audience of all ages giving me a well rounded knowledge of the industry and what makes our sometimes fickle audience want to stay tuned into our station. For the last 10 years I have been part of the SABC, started on weekend shows as a presenter, not long after moved to the lunch time show which I successfully did for three years. Increasing the audience from 35 000 to 103 000 in two diaries. Licence conditions required that all presenters need to speak 40% Xhosa on their shows and as I couldnt speak the African language well enough it was decided to move me to the grave yard shift, later Management sent me on a Programme Management course offering me a position in programming which Im currently doing; I will detail my responsibilities further on. Although I enjoy what Im currently doing I miss the air waves and believe I still have a lot to offer behind the mike, the knowledge I have gained in my current position I believe I can put to good use making me a even more effective presenter concentrating on building CUME, increasing LOYALITY and attracting the higher LSMS with compelling content and professional entertaining delivery thereof. The environment that I have been in the last 10 years has made me a more disciplined DJ/Presenter as the SABC is strict on company policies, mandates and adhering to the BCCSA (Broadcasting complaints commission) policies. If I had to sell myself in as fewer words as possible, it would be a colourful entertainer with a naughty twist working within the given parameters of course. I am no stranger to dual presenting although I enjoy being in control..its a Taurus male thing. I also take great pleasure in transferring skills, after all to teach is to learn twice, one of my responsibilities is to train on air presenters for maximum output, this I do by doing regular air check sessions with the presenters and correcting where necessary. Main areas I concentrate on is adhering to the hot clock, flow, timing, creative quarter hour maintenance, delivery of content, adhering to placement orders, economy of words and encourage presenters to keep up with current affairs and to execute in a exciting professional manner but not at the expense of our brand. One of the advantages of been involved with the present station has been that I was part of the management team that has successfully bridged CKI FM to the new look and sound of tru fm, I have gained invaluable experience from my peers, also plenty of hands on experience that goes with programming a large PBS station. Im comfortable playing all genress of music, tackling any subject tactfully and pride myself in being able to re invent myself to suit a slot and format of station. Im an experienced MC and know my way around the decks in a club environment. Current responsibilities: All aspects of programming ensuring a quality brand. Implement and manage the stations programme strategy ensuring that we adhere to music policy, format and on-air sound, in consultation with the Acting programme manager. Monitor all shows to ensure that we delivering high quality programmes. Do regular snoop sessions with the on air talent, giving regular feedback or critique and correct where necessary Identify and Develop Talent, this includes coaching them from the basics to realizing their potential. Monitor music and spot logs. Come up with concepts/campaigns designed to increase TSL as well as building the CUME. I introduced three exciting on air promotions designed to increase TSL recently, one being the tru fm money cherry ,the tru fm treasure hunt and last month we had R100 000 in 100 days, all three campaigns were very successful. Ensure that the SABC Editorial policies, procedures and mandate are adhered too. The day to day admin that comes with being in programming. Analyze RAMS and strategize to increase listenership. Script promos and action messages, monitor production thereof and approve prior going on air. Station programming weekly plan as well as the monthly PBS report. Im currently writing and compiling a Radio training manual dealing with all aspects of the radio industry. On Air Experience: 1999 - 2007 tru fm Station in the PBS portfolio) On Air Presenter Shows: Friday night part show 21h00-00h00 Sunday night 21h00-00h00 Graveyard 03h00-06h00 2001 - 2004 Midday madness 12h00 - 1500 A very popular lunch time show boasting 103000 listeners when I was moved to midnight because of the language requirements (40% Xhosa) 2004 2007 Midnight show Increased listeners from 5000 to 63000 1998 1999 BRFM assisted with delivery of various drive time features. 1995 1998 Horizon Stereo (community station in JHB) Positions: Music Manager for two years Programmes assistant for one year Afternoon Drive presenter for two years Midmorning show for one year 1994 1995 Radio Algoa Position: Sports Presenter Regular stand in presenter for the breakfast show on various stations. Music Formats: Urban Contemporary, House, R@B, Kwaito, Adult Contemporary, A C Hot, M O R, Trance, Funky and Afrikaans. In closing, my passion for this industry cannot be questioned I feel that it is time to experience the air waves abroad and hope a slot would come available at your station soon and I would be considered for the slot. I regard myself as a team player, a leader and certainly a peoples person so Im hoping you will look upon my application favourably, the time has come for me to experience other airwaves and to increase my knowledge of this wonderful industry. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my links and reading this, I hope I hear from you soon! Mel Gahler Programmes 084 407 4162 040 635 2940

Primary Language: English

Education: Matric

Special Skills: Programme Management

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What else you should know:

I am looking to experience the airwaves abroad and very much hope that I would get that oppertunity shortly!!



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