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Frank De Feo jr. - Available/Looking
 Last Updated:  January 09, 2009

 Location:  Benson,Vt.

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I graduated in top part of class from Conn.School of Broadcasting,1972. While attending classes I was Djaying as Marc Antony on WTCC, from 10PM to 2AM, out of Springfield,Mass. I was asked upon graduation as Mark Antony to start part-time on WHYN radio out of Chicopee,Mass. I worked in the 80s as a Bar Lounge,Special Events, and Wedding DJ. Since 1987 and presently,I perform with my band,"FREEWAY", we play 50s,60s,70s oldies/classic Rock&Roll, and originals.


What else you should know:

I am looking for part-time DJ radio work and voice over work, day or evening,etc. I am open to full time as well.



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