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Tom Spath - Voiceover Talent
 Last Updated:  February 22, 2010

 Location:  Atlanta/Macon, GA

Chuck Hester, APR Email Tom Spath
Tom has been in the VO industry for 7 years. His voice has been heard around the nation. From New York, to California and many places in between. Tom has a wide vocal range, and no regional dialect allowing him to be more versatile. Young adult, middle age adult, senior, soft spoken, guy next door, announcer-man, gen-x, alternative, and hard sell are some of the delivery methods he is accustom to. If you would like a custom audition, email script to, with the subject listed as "audition"

Primary Language: English

Education: 8 Years Experience. Degree in Broadcasting/Audio Production

Special Skills: VO and Production Pro


Tom Spath - CHR Imaging Demo: 

Tom Spath - Radio Commercials: 

What else you should know:

Home Studio equipped with Adobe Audition 1.5, Pro Tools 7.4, Source Connect, M-Audio Sound Card and HD Audio Drivers. Will fit your budget!



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