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Derrick Leroux - Production Talents
 Last Updated:  June 26, 2013

 Location:  Rutland, Massachusetts

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I currently work for 1120 AM WBNW, also known as Money Matters Radio, out of Needham, Massachusetts. I also work for AM 580 and 94.9 FM WTAG under the Clear Channel company in Paxton, Massachusetts. My duties include production and board operation. I provide fill-in duties as needed for the WTAG Morning News, The Jordan Levy Show, and Saturday mornings. My ultimate life goal is to succeed in a radio broadcasting career. I would like to be an executive producer for a successful radio show on a major market station or be a morning or afternoon drive time news guy, or maybe even get to host my own show someday, but I really desire to be a major and productive part of a successful radio station. I have obtained a significant amount of local, regional, and national contacts in the political, sports, and entertainment field throughout my career. I have the fire inside me to learn more about the business and I ask for opportunities to learn. If I am given a shot to succeed, I'm confident that I can, and I will, succeed.

Primary Language: English

Education: B.A. Communications

Special Skills: Producing shows, recording and editing segments, recording and editing sound bytes, overseeing live remote broadcasts, participating on the air, extensive experience with various audio and video programs such as Adobe Audition, Nero, Final Cut Pro, Cool E


Tax Talk Promo WTAG 5-18-13: 

Newscast WTAG 5-4-13: 

Weather Cast 5-26 WTAG: 



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