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Date Updated Name Audio Sample Title Talent Description - *Will Be Posted for Public City and State
Dec 6, 2008
3213 Days ago
billy mack smith Looking for 1st Job Worked two years as a intern at WBAP radio as a intern for the Bill Mack Overnight Trucking Show. The host of the Billy and April show on saturdays on...
Feb 14, 2009
3143 Days ago
John Dandino Available/ Looking John J. Dandino 24680 Grant Rd. , South Bend, IN 46619 (Cell) 352-459-9244 Email jd57229@aol. com This cover letter will be different from any lette... South Bend, IN
Dec 30, 2008
3189 Days ago
JP Available/ Looking Currently on the air in Market 26 with over 10 years of professional radio and television experience as On Air Personality, Program Director, and Prod... Murrieta
Jun 15, 2010
2657 Days ago
Brian Allen Voiceover Talent Deep, smooth voice that sounds great with hard or soft sells. Perfect for Concerts or Car Ads that are uptempo. . . . . but can easily transition to a... Dallas, TX
Jun 16, 2010
2656 Days ago
Rich Fisher Available/ Looking ON-AIR EXPERIENCE: <p> 2009 - Present:<br> <b>WRNR-FM</ b> (AAA), Annapolis/ Baltimore<br> <p> On-air and fill-in personality and live remotes on... Annapolis MD
Jul 16, 2008
3356 Days ago
Tony Hayes 86_tony_hayes_res1216231534.doc Available/ Looking AC Morning's in Charlotte and Atlanta. Classic Rock Programming in Atlanta and Classic Rock Midday's in Boston. Also experience with CHR and Count...
Oct 12, 2008
3268 Days ago
MARK KEENE Morning Host Broadcast & Radio KFWB NEWS 980 - Los Angeles, Ca Traffic Reporter - air and in studio VH1 SOUL Voiceover imaging WESTWOOD ONE On-air p...
Oct 18, 2008
3262 Days ago
Jonathan Choyce Looking for 1st Job Xerox Corp 1983 to Present Senior Customer Service Engineer IV US Army 1976 to 1977 Field Communications Electronic Equipment Mechanic Columbi...
Jun 25, 2008
3377 Days ago
Brett Provo Production Manager
Dec 26, 2008
3193 Days ago
Albert Cocchi Evening Host Biography The Early & Middle Years. . . . . Al Cocchi began his phenenomenal DJ career in 1977 upon his graduation from Seton Hall Prep, then l... Morristown, NJ



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