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Date Updated Name Audio Sample Title Talent Description - *Will Be Posted for Public City and State
Dec 6, 2008
3210 Days ago
billy mack smith Looking for 1st Job Worked two years as a intern at WBAP radio as a intern for the Bill Mack Overnight Trucking Show. The host of the Billy and April show on saturdays on...
Jan 6, 2010
2814 Days ago
Blaine Mullins News Talents This designer has a well-rounded background in writing and editing. OBJECTIVE To take design, writing and editing skills honed in the n... Charleston, WV
Jul 7, 2009
2997 Days ago
Blake J Living Morning Host music arist, producer. songwriter, master music. carencro, Louisiana
Jul 27, 2009
2977 Days ago
Blake Laitner Looking for 1st Job My name is Blake Laitner. Im 23 years old, from Cooper City, FL. I went to school in New Hampshire at Plymouth State University. Were I got a degree i... Cooper City, FL
Jan 14, 2011
2441 Days ago
Blake Lawrence Available/ Looking Audio Content Creator/ Radio Programmer Recognized as a leader in the media and communications industry, an innovative radio programmer knowledgeable... San Francisco, CA
Sep 5, 2010
2572 Days ago
Bob Loza Voiceover Talent I have a Voice that naturally goes to Authoritative and Knowledgeable, but an imagination that goes to Cool, Sarcastic, and Hip, with a cast of Charac... Burbank CA
Apr 27, 2009
3068 Days ago
Bobbi Owens Voiceover Talent African American NON-Urban, Polished, Powerful & Professional - Educated Sound. Voice Quality: Warm, Rich mezzo, Flexible with a diverse range, Lyric... New York
Apr 24, 2009
3071 Days ago
Bobbin Beam Voice Actor Listen Up! You're in good the company of good "voice". Bobbin's voice is warm and personable, and so is her style of doing business. Custom audi... Escondido, CA
Apr 25, 2013
1609 Days ago
Bonita Available/ Looking I was a DJ at WBML Radio in Urbana, Illinois for 18 1/ 2 years, that played mostly R&B music, I am very much interested in working at another R&B radi... Greenwood, IN
Jul 24, 2008
3345 Days ago
Boomer Barbosa Morning Host boomerbar@sbcglobal. net ...



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