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Date Updated Name Audio Sample Title Talent Description - *Will Be Posted for Public City and State
Jan 7, 2011
2448 Days ago
Anthony J Ford Talk Show Host Anthony J. Ford Post Office Box 830 Aledo, TX 76008 Cell: 972-345-9536 Email: anthonyjf99@msn. com I am interested in exploring a position... Arlington
Sep 29, 2011
2183 Days ago
anthony jones Morning Host Anthony Spencer Jones 1479 South Dayton Circle, Denver, Colorado 80247 Telephone - 303-696-8126/ Email anthonysajones@aol. com Objectives To obt... denver co
Nov 21, 2008
3225 Days ago
Anthony Nerey Looking for 1st Job
Feb 11, 2011
2413 Days ago
Anthony Tresselt Voiceover Talent Articulate and quick witted voice over talent looking for work. Able to do various different accents and very charismatic. Born and raised right here ... Columbus, Ohio
Nov 21, 2008
3225 Days ago
Antoinette DiMauro Looking for 1st Job
Jan 29, 2011
2426 Days ago
Antonio DeSousa Available/ Looking Hey, I'm Tony, 23 and Just graduated from the University of North Texas with a Degree in Radio, TV and Film. I worked for 6 months at the on-campus Ja... Bella Vista Arkansas
Mar 27, 2009
3099 Days ago
April Herrington Voiceover Talent I have been told for years that I had a very clear and distinct voice. I have a very memorable, warm, sulty voice. My dad used to DJ and said I should... Nashville, TN
Dec 5, 2008
3211 Days ago
April Smith Morning Host Two years on air experience doing weekend show. . "The Billy and April show". One year prior working on the Bill Mack show.
Jul 9, 2009
2995 Days ago
Arend Anton Voice Actor While working a retail job, Arend's occasional duty would be to speak over the store intercom. After receiving numerous compliments about his deep, au... Los Angeles, CA
Feb 2, 2010
2787 Days ago
Ari Daniel Production Talents - Versatile voice range - Advanced audio recording and production skills - Currently a student at Ryerson Universities School of Radio and Telev... Toronto, Ontario



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