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Date Updated Name Audio Sample Title Talent Description - *Will Be Posted for Public City and State
Mar 11, 2011
2388 Days ago
Esco Evening Host I have worked at various radio stations in a wide variety of capacities including, production assistant, promotions assistant director, show producer,... Raleigh, NC
Oct 10, 2008
3270 Days ago
raynetta ray Evening Host Raynetta Evette Ray 3214 18th Street NE Washington, DC 20018 (202) 269-0645 (202) 526-7208 (Fax) Email Address: JTK3214@aol. com Professiona...
Mar 29, 2011
2370 Days ago
Ziggy Ruhomutally Evening Host Presenting my franchised radio programmes on the no. 1 national radio station in Mauritius and gaining valued experience as a radio VJ. Responsible fo... Norwich
Mar 19, 2013
1649 Days ago
Branden J Gaddis Evening Host OBJECTIVES Seek the Position of Entertainer, Model, Radio Host, Actor and MC EDUCATION Alabama A&M University May 2013 Communication Arts Perfo... Huntsville AL
Dec 1, 2008
3218 Days ago
Demetrius Evening Host Dec. 2007 May 2008: WBTP 95. 7 FM/ The Beat, Urban Station- Tampa, FL Work promotional events: concerts, station nightclubs, operate AV-AIR(Audio-va...
Oct 15, 2008
3265 Days ago
Anthony Donahue Evening Host Host a Sunday night show on Sportstalk1240 in Long Island
Oct 21, 2008
3259 Days ago
Y.B. Evening Host Yul Hawkins DJ Y. B. 1909 Jaybrook Drive RPV, Ca 90275 Phone/ Fax: 424-772-6139 Cell: 562-644-3548 Email: ybncream@msn. com Desired Industr...
Oct 27, 2008
3253 Days ago
Tyler Evening Host
Nov 12, 2008
3237 Days ago
Julie Lynn Reid Evening Host WCXI Radio in Fenton, operating board, playing music, speaking to listening audience, announcing station ID at the top of the hour, as well as weather...
Nov 30, 2008
3219 Days ago
Kenneth Evening Host four years of on air talent for a non for profit radio show. Also a host for one season of a public access talk show in Manhattan.



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