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Date Updated Name Audio Sample Title Talent Description - *Will Be Posted for Public City and State
Jun 30, 2009
3007 Days ago
Aleah Promotions SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Strong computer skills and exposure to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, E... Fort Myers, FL
Dec 2, 2008
3217 Days ago
Alec Larbig Available/ Looking Hosted late night show on WPRK from 3-6am, in Winterpark, Florida. Worked on mixing show, booking guests, choosing music, and was on-air personality. ...
Nov 11, 2008
3238 Days ago
Alex Looking for 1st Job SEEKING ENTRY-LEVEL EMPLOYMENT WORK EXPERIENCE: August 2007- June 2008 Electronics Walmart Collinsville, IL March 2006 - May...
Nov 25, 2012
1763 Days ago
ALEX BELTRAN II Voiceover Talent Vocal Agility, deep voice, clear California Native accent. Ability to film using smart phone's, and 35mm camera's both digital and film. Santa Ana, California
Apr 3, 2009
3095 Days ago
Alex McLaughlin Talk Show Host I have had my own radio talk show for 2 years on 1340am WPBR and feel it is time to move to the next step. My talk sshow consisted of straight-forward... Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Sep 4, 2009
2941 Days ago
Alex Rubin Available/ Looking As a musician I am well-experienced with a plethora of instruments, guitar as the foundation and from there drums, bass, accordion, piano, as well as ... Coney Island, NY
Mar 12, 2009
3117 Days ago
Allen Cox News Talents Authoritative, Professional, Masculine, Warm, Soothing, with a voice delivery especially suited for Voice Characterizations, as well as International,... Long Beach, California
Feb 5, 2009
3152 Days ago
Alvin Washington Jr Production Talents I am a 20 year veteran of radio production, having voiced imaging, commercials or voice tracking in a variety of formats. Experience ranges from being... Cape Girardeau, MO
Mar 7, 2011
2392 Days ago
Amber Brockopp Midday Host I have a great voice and a huge knowledge of Rock music. I have the drive and passion to make it in the Radio industry. I worked for a year for Q98 Ro... Fargo ND
Sep 10, 2010
2570 Days ago
Amir MagOnid Talk Show Host I reach over 6 billion people on a daily basis for the Lord my God delivering the message of salvation through His blessed son our Lord and Savior Jes... Long Beach, Calif



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