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Date Updated Name Audio Sample Title Talent Description - *Will Be Posted for Public City and State
Oct 14, 2011
2171 Days ago
Kaley Evans Available/ Looking I am seeking a career in the broadcasting field doing anything from writing to being on-air. I would love to have a part time or full time position, b... Tulsa, Oklahoma
Oct 12, 2011
2173 Days ago
Jason Lammons Voiceover Talent As a result of years of radio & club DJ work I have developed diversity and insight in what a project/ spot needs. From calm, relaxing atmospheres to ... Shreveport, LA
Oct 11, 2011
2174 Days ago
jdouglas barker Voiceover Talent National voice talent with studios and production background, with voice acting skills, ready to provide your project with clarity and range. Quick tu... Dallas, Texas
Oct 8, 2011
2177 Days ago
Chris Roberts Available/ Looking Former cruise director, turned broadcaster. Ready to relocate and be the best darn whatever you need me to be. I have skills in audition, nextgen, sho... Orlando, Fl
Oct 8, 2011
2177 Days ago
Joelle Edwards News Talents Born and raised in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Gained BA at Bethune-Cookman University majoring in Mass Communications with an emphasis in B... Daytona Beach, Florida
Oct 8, 2011
2177 Days ago
DJ Sinna-G Available/ Looking ➢ Experienced on-air radio personality and disc jockey with excellent background in creative and technical aspects of radio/ sound production. ➢ Abl... Denver, CO.
Oct 7, 2011
2178 Days ago
Jessica Available/ Looking I began as an inturn at WFSS 91. 9 jazz fm in NC. I was promoted to lead inturn then to producer for THe Bronco cafe with Ray thomas. I began as just ... fayetteville NC
Sep 29, 2011
2186 Days ago
anthony jones Morning Host Anthony Spencer Jones 1479 South Dayton Circle, Denver, Colorado 80247 Telephone - 303-696-8126/ Email anthonysajones@aol. com Objectives To obt... denver co
Sep 27, 2011
2188 Days ago
Mark John "Stolf" Astolfi Morning Host astonishingly creative & entertaining DJ. . . oldies/ baby boomer stuff a speciality. . . copywriting, production, waking up at 4am, cancelling school... Ogdensburg NY
Sep 27, 2011
2188 Days ago
JD Production Talents Sound Designer for audio production libraries & radio imaging. Producing custom imaging packages for radio stations globally. ( Sweepers, Id's, Pr... Pasadena Ca



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