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Date Updated Name Audio Sample Title Talent Description - *Will Be Posted for Public City and State
Mar 10, 2009
3119 Days ago
Neil Holmes Copywriter Full commercial production service. Copy, voice actors, production, coaching and more at www. VoiceCreative. com USA
Mar 15, 2012
2018 Days ago
John Copywriter In a diverse and curious to be connected world, the public is eager for up to date and relevant news which enhances the quality of their lives with on... Boston, MA
Oct 10, 2008
3270 Days ago
Marvelous Marv Evening Host I interned for 600/ 1200 WSJS AM in Winston-Salem, NC. After interning for about a month, they hired me for the rest of my school term. I was hired to...
Jan 12, 2011
2446 Days ago
Chris Gibson Evening Host On-air announcing, newscasting, sportscasting, Production (Analog & Digital) Proficient in Cool Edit Pro, Audition, and DRS broadcasting software ... Midwest city Ok
Jan 1, 2011
2457 Days ago
Scooter McGee Evening Host I have a three hour show between 9pm and Midnight mountain time, Monday-Friday, on the mostly conservative KFKA 1310 AM Greeley, Colorado. Considering... Greenly, CO
Dec 30, 2008
3189 Days ago
Tobias Plonski Evening Host I would like to start by saying that I have not worked in broadcasting but I want to share the experience that I have as a sound technician and musici... Albuquerque, NM
Jan 25, 2011
2433 Days ago
Leo Evening Host WNSB Hot91. 1 FM & 3. 5 Years of experience as a on-air personality/ talent/ event host. Previously, for two years, held the highest ratings for the 2... Norfolk, Virginia
Oct 4, 2008
3276 Days ago
Jeff Stone Evening Host 1 year on-air in Classic Rock, evenings 1 year on-air producing morning show/ sports reports for a Classic Rock/ Classic Hits station: KUBQ/ KJRT 2 ...
Oct 4, 2008
3276 Days ago
khaliah ali Evening Host daughter of muhmmad ali. . . author talk host and spokesperson
Mar 11, 2011
2388 Days ago
JOHN J. SIERVO Evening Host entertaining to public. . . Pambujan N. Samar



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