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Phil Humphries - Voiceover Talent
 Last Updated:  October 07, 2016

 Location:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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I am a Music DJ and Voiceover Presenter on an indie radio station in Milwaukee, WI. My professional on-air background includes a one-hour show that airs 2X a week on digital radio. I have on-camera experience and I am a published novelist with expert writing/editing competencies. I am retired from a national security career with high level managerial and program coordination skill sets. My radio show - "The Lucky Buzzard Radio Hour" airs in the US, Asia and Europe twice a week on

Primary Language: English

Education: Current indie DJ/Voiceover Present-digital radio.


Voiceover track (w/o music): 

What else you should know:

Retired CIA officer with expansive, multi-discipline professional portfolio.



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