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Tracy Thibodeaux - Voice Actor
 Last Updated:  April 29, 2012

 Location:  Little Rock, AR

Chuck Hester, APR Email Tracy Thibodeaux
Radio veteran with 20 years-plus experience as morning and afternoon drive personality/host, producer/voice talent, writer, manager, and emcee seeks on-air radio position in medium-to-large market. This position must include the ongoing opportunity to create, entertain and interact technologically and personally with audience. Creativity in the pursuit of unprecedented popularity and ratings is essential. I am willing to sign a non-compete if you are willing to commit to a contract of at least one year and provided the non-compete does not extend beyond the length of contract. I seek the opportunity that allows me to work closely with management to continuously define objectives and lay out the means by which to accomplish them.

Primary Language: English

Education: Bachelor of Science in Education; May, 1980; Henderson State University; Arkadelphia, AR

Special Skills: I entertain to win


Demo III: 



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