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Jimmy Roebuck - Voice Tracking Talent
 Last Updated:  August 24, 2016

 Location:  Pacific Palisades, CA - Norwalk, CT

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Voice Tracking - Voice Over Talent DJ on Air - Smooth dulced-toned. High Energy too. 50's 60's (Boss) Radio Formats - I also provide professional voice overs for Promos, On-hold messages, Training, Business presentation, Musician Keyboards, Guitar, Drums. Programmer and Show Producer - Music Genres specializing in (one of my Greatest Passions): Elvis - Gen; 40's, 50's, 60's - 60's Garage Rock - (Pop, Psychedelic, Mod, Beat) Soul / RnB (Jump Blues) Jazz -(40's, 50's and 60's Soul/RnB) 60's/70's LP Rock!

Primary Language: English

Special Skills: Old Formats

JR - 50's & 60's -1964 -1969 Radio - Live On Air: 

JR_Commercial Voice Over: 

JR_Live On Air check: 

What else you should know:

I'm also a Computer Tech that can work with both analog and digital equipment. Network Satellite Configurations & Computer Operations. (Prophet Systems Radio)



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