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Trimaster - Other Talent
 Last Updated:  August 05, 2016

 Location:  Brandon

Chuck Hester, APR Email Trimaster
I am a certified personal trainer, wellness coach and author. I host a daily 2 minute radio show titled Fit Minute on Your Country 99: KYOO 99.1 FM in Bolivar MO. I give daily fitness tips as well as motivational messages daily. I believe there is a need (and demand) for good information about healthy living that people can use on a daily basis. I am looking to expand my reach to more markets.

Primary Language: english

Education: Bachelor of Science

Special Skills: published author, certified personal trainer, wellness coach


Fit Minute: Is Coffee Good or Bad?: 

Fit Minute: Are You Lactose Intolerant?: 

Fit Minute: Natural Teeth Cleaning: 

What else you should know:

I enjoy talking to people and sharing information about being healthy and the importance of a positive attitude. I am self employed and love what I do.

  You Tube Video (if avail)



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