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MIke Wiley - Talk Show Host
 Last Updated:  April 26, 2012

 Location:  Las Vegas, NV

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Mike Wiley began in talk radio in 1991, when he converted a morning business program to the "Wake up with Wiley" morning talk show. Management did not find out until new sponsors called in to advertise on the "Wake up with Wiley Show" in 1993, Wiley joined Real Radio 104.1 FM as one of the original FM talkers under the direction of Walter Sabo. Wiley's smarts and insanity make a great FM Talk combination that goes past the typical Music Jock, who only speaks ten words at a time. Considered to have a sexy voice, Wiley went to bed each night with thousands of women as he informed and entertained. Wiley left talk radio for politics and then had his career at WRKO in Boston cut short because of one female who did not like his show. We will just call her Hillary!

Primary Language: English

Education: BS Accounting

Special Skills: Political Spokesperson


Mike Wiley: 



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