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Mike Chase - Available/Looking
 Last Updated:  June 05, 2012

 Location:  USA

Chuck Hester, APR Email Mike Chase
I've been involved in radio as an on air talent, copywriter, and voice over professional, for over for 13 years. Until December of 2011, I was co-hosting a midday news and sports talk show, at a station in northern Nevada. Before that, I was a news producer, and handled many production duties, for a major, nationwide news and sports network, based in Phoenix Arizona (yes, but it's a dry heat). I left after 7 years, on very good terms, to start my own production company. Unfortunately, I timed my 'dream' with the country's current recession. Need I say more? In the past, I've been very successful working in a classic rock format, which is my forte (that's French for strength!), but am comfortable in most formats excluding country, and hip hop. I believe, with my personality and skills, I would be best utilized as a morning show co-host/sidekick (ouch!), in either a classic rock, or sports talk format. I could also be a very informative news/sports 'update guy', throughout the day/night. As far as my voice over work is concerned, I take pride in the fact my voice sounds like 'the everyday guy'. Because of my years writing and producing spots for a nationwide network, my voice has been heard all over the country during MLB, NHL, NFL and NBA broadcasts. I've been told by many clients and listeners, my voice was much more 'believable', than 'the usual radio announcers'. Also, I am an accomplished copywriter, which means, not only can I voice killer spots, I can write them too! In closing, I'd like to cut to the 'chase' (pun intended, remember, my name is Chase). What I am in search of is my next (and maybe last) big, adventure. I am hoping to secure a position with a successful broadcast organization, where I can use my above average creative, communication, and technical skills, to make a good living, and be happy. Who knows, this could be just the beginning of a long, wonderful relationship. But then again, the last time I said that was on my wedding my ex-wife. Thanks for listening.

Primary Language: English

Production Sample: 

On Air Sample: 

What else you should know:

I'm very flexible on where my next (and maybe last) big adventure will begin, but would like to stay in the west. Preferably AZ,UT,NV, and northern/southern,CA. I would consider consider HI. (no, this was not meant to be a test to see if you know your state abbreviations)



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