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Al Wrinn - Available/Looking
 Last Updated:  December 02, 2015

 Location:  Tri Cities, Tn./Va.

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$1,000 cash reward to YOU, if the station GM you show my profile to offers me a job, that I accept. 30 year veteran (mostly mornings and most formats) in small and medium markets, is seeking an on air position with an established small market station (s). I am also a DCC (Doctor of Classic Country.) Although I am not interest in a sales position, I have experience in all aspects; except play by play and engineering. I am currently working in another field, and I miss the day to day business of local radio. I've had good stints with WGRV/WIKQ, Greeneville, Tennessee (12 yrs.).. WTCQ, Vidalia, Ga.. WTNT, Tallahassee, Florida.. WDEN, Macon, Ga.. I will consider relocating to an area in the southeast where we can be part of the community. I have excellent professional and personal references. Please call (423) 262-8543. e-mail: .

Primary Language: english

Education: high school & broadcast vocational training

Special Skills: dependable and a good planner




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